Need Anything? I'm Here For You.
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Need Anything? I'm Here For You.
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ONE TIME OFFER: As the author of this report, my voice (and motivational energy) will guide you and explain the secrets about video enablement that have been hiding in plain sight since the eighties and nineties! With my audiobook you can get other things done (exercise, chores etc) while I teach you about video. You can share the audio with your team to quickly bring them up to speed on the core concepts within my short guide book.

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Quick Guide and Video Training
Only $7 USD
Your Training Contains:
  • Get Half of Your Video Results with 1% Effort
  • ​What a Videotape and Smartphone Have in Common that will 10x Your Business
  • Why Video is a Critical Business Skillset to Crisis-proof Your Brand in 2021
  • Specific Videos Your Team Can Build In-house to Out-cool Your Competition
  • How to Video Enable Your Team & Create Unlimited Videos With Your Existing Budget
  • ​One Minute Video Storytelling Script Formula to Hook and Engage Your Audiences
  • ​​​​Turning Your Smartphone into a FREE Professional Teleprompter
  • ​The Easiest Way to Edit, Publish and Embed your Videos for FREE

14-Day 100% Guarantee

I offer a full 14-day money back guarantee on this class. That gives you enough time to attend the class and discover how powerful the training is.

I've Got Your Back

Your privacy is important to me. All payment information is safe, secure, and encrypted.  I fiercely protect your privacy.
My Reputation is Legendary

Rob Trube, President, Accelera

"Phi's passionate training has been invaluable for our growing team. One of my new team members told me they learnt more practical knowledge in an hour video training with Phi, than a 15 week marketing course during college."

Russ Teubner: CEO, HostBridge

"Whenever I need something creative achieved for our brand, I think of The Project Shaman. Phi and his team absolutely deliver results [with video]."

John Follett, Demand Metric

“Congrats! You've found a rare and reliable resource. Phi’s consistent positive energy as he leads [video] projects is truly inspiring."
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