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The Secret of 'Unlimited Videos'
For Your Business That's Been Hiding Since the Eighties & Nineties....
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  • Discover: What Your Smartphone and a VHS Tape Have in Common
  • Know: How to Out-Cool Your Competition with Unlimited Video
  • Learn: Video Training to Empower Your Team with Templates & Tools
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 YES! I'm Ready To Become Video Enabled.
Are you looking to build in-house
videos for your business, but feel lost?
No worries. I wrote 'VIDEO ENABLEMENT: The 80/20 Path to Unlimited Videos for Your Business' for you:
  • What a Videotape and Smartphone Have in Common that will 10x Your Business
  • ​Scientifically Proven Productivity Hack to Get Half of Your Video Results with 1% Effort
  • ​Why Video is a Critical Business Skillset to Crisis-proof Your Brand in 2021
  • Specific Videos Your Team Can Build In-house to Out-cool Your Competition
  • How to Video Enable Your Team & Create Unlimited Videos With Your Existing Budget
  • The Ultimate One Minute Video Storytelling Script Formula TEMPLATE to Hook and Engage Your Audiences Limited Attention within 5 Seconds or Less.
  • ​Turning Your Smartphone into a FREE Professional Teleprompter, to Read Your Script with Perfect Eye-Contact Without Needing to Memorize It
  • ​The Easiest Way to Edit, Publish and Embed your Videos using FREE SOFTWARE and See Exactly Who Watched it, and for How Long.
Meet the Author: Phi R. Schmidt 

"I know video's secret..."

I’ve worked as a visual effects artist within big video agencies, and have run my own video agency (The Project Shaman), building thousands of videos for clients like Salesforce, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Demand Metric for the past decade. 

Contractors and Freelancers make money off you not knowing the secrets revealed in this training, and you can bet they aren’t happy I’m pulling back the curtain on making unlimited videos for your business.

It's true. Video Has a Secret. 

I created this book and training to rapidly transform your team's worldview about video, and unlock the keys to immediate unlimited video, built in-house without extra resources

"The contents of this VHS tape holds a powerful secret that will change your business FOREVER."


Paretto's Principle (80/20) is scientific fact. Roughly 20% of what you're doing often leads to 80% of your results. 
By focusing on this 20% you can discover the actions that truly amplify success! Video is an 80/20 miracle.
Your customers want video.
  • Discover Why Your Customers Should be Able to “Binge-Watch” Your Website
  • Why Most Businesses Don’t Feel Confident Starting their Own Videos and How to Fix it Forever
  • Understand the Main Reason Most Companies Don’t Make Enough Videos Each Year
  • ​Leverage the Secret Way to Embed Videos into your Emails, and What to Put in your Subject Line For More Opens
  • Learn the Secrets of 80/20 Agile Video Production Workflows I Used to Finish Over 1000 Videos in Under a Year
  • Discover What Hollywood Does in Every Production that Makes Building Videos as Fast as Humanly Possible
  • Why Most Companies Fail to Succeed with In-house Video...
  • Understand What Video Literacy Looks Like, with a Full Breakdown of Key Video Skillsets your Team should Learn

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The Project Shaman | Copyright ©2009-2021 | All Rights Reserved
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